STARYOU is a media marketplace platform with cross platform aggregator for sharing and viral marketing powered by STARSHARE.COM.

The main focus of the marketplace is in talent for the entertainment industry and largely extended to peripheral products and services in related industries. This forms the backbone for a humongous marketplace for multiple industries. Note: It is not just a matching service only but a humongous marketplace for merchants of multiple industries.

It is a services supermarket place, and effectively a STARMARKETPLACE for jobs, career and opportunities for the new era in the 21st century.

Users gain fun:D

That is, users will be able to raise fund while having fun! There is a lot of merry making with individual and group user interactions. The user interaction is served from FRIENDCLUB.COM. As a club, stars and their fans and followers become like friends so everyone is a FRIEND!

Basically, the platform showcases talents for models and idols at the top. Then it also showcases the talents from multiple industries, such as food, fashion, arts, etc. It will therefore become a humonguous service marketplace as the various support services will be included to support the entertainment and talent industry, for example, event management companies, makeup artists from hair and beauty salons, etc.

There is a secondary marketplace to serve this service industry, mainly in products, starting with gifts, fashionwear, jewelry, arts and crafts, entertainment equipment and products, etc. to support all the industries in the platform.

A payment system will be available to serve the entire platform. Payments can be made in different currencies including digital and cryptocurrencies.

Gamification runs across the entire platform and users gain points which can be converted into FRIENDCOINS or STARU COINS. A user shares up to one third of the payouts for the platform, the other one third being apportioned to the star and the balance one third to the platform, although the scheme may vary for different activities.

In other words, you are our partner!

The entire ecosystem is funded by STARSBANK.COM, a division of FRIENDBANK.COM.

STARYOU is a super app with multiple apps on the platform. They include: Video & Photo Platform. Chat Messaging App. Micro Games. Bank & Finance. Funding. Collaboration. More…

So StarYou is an interesting and exciting platform like no other video apps but MORE… it is more than just a video app with live streaming, etc. It is more… The videos, photos and media production by the user is to showcase his or her own works. It makes him or her famous and become a great influencer.

He or she can easily migrate and cross from other platforms to STARYOU or he or she can still remain in all the platforms as well while having fun:D at STARYOU.

Note: It is not just a matching service only but a humongous marketplace.



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