The entire Star Ecosystem is put in a virtuous cycle that propels the STARYOU by FRIENDCLUB platform for greater growth and development to its ultimate success.

It empowers and drives people to fulfil their dreams, and this is a very powerful proposition. It is also done at every point throughout a user’s journey. Not everyone can be an idol in an international pop group but he or she can be a star in his or own right, such as a star as a food and beverage star or a yoyo star, etc. It all started with a dream: to be a star.

The front focus showcases the users’ works and the users can indeed show off themselves while having loads of fun:D! This is cross-platform friendly as it is supported by a media aggregation software. As such, the user can easily migrate and transplant himself or herself from other popular platforms (while still remaining in these platforms if he or she so wishes). This may include views, followers, etc. As such, the user who is a star in another platform can remain a star in this platform. Moreover, the user can claim his or her works if they are posted by other users or followers or by the automated aggregator machine. This greatly incentivizes popular users and influencers to come on board to the great benefit of both the users and this platform. Again, it is a WIN WIN WIN formula. Ultimately, the AIGORITHM intelligently processes these procedures speedily and effortlessly.

Supporting the media platform is a vibrant marketplace which facilitates the user to further add value to his or her activities online. It works seamlessly and frictionlessly from the user’s account to the marketplace (with classifieds) which also comes with a collaboration platform, both of which are complementary to each other.

This is of great importance as it fulfils a big gap in the gig economy. While there appears to be a few little elements of this emerging in a few social and media platforms, including simple matching, they are largely insufficient and users who become popular or spend time online find their efforts truly unprofitable. Their usage and activities end up mostly as their contributions to the growth and profitability of the platforms concerned but they do not get much in return. It also creates a BIG class of many left-behinds who spend too much time online.

Expanding the marketplace to a services supermarket place, better known as the STARMARKETPLACE is of utmost importance. It fulfils a need and a large gap in today’s uncertain economic times which is largely determined by changes in technology.

A full time job or long term employment is becoming increasingly uncertain in today’s changing world. Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work as discussed in Mckinsey’s Executive Briefing*.

➔ The future of work is under threat or is changing beyond recognition.

➔ There challenges created from digitization are great but the possibilities of solutions are also endless.

➔ We are now starting to capture the opportunities from digitizing economies at the sector and company level, and we will make it fun:D!

★ Labor markets are under strain, and talent is underutilized.

★ Skills, jobs, and locations do not always match, limiting income-earning opportunities for many

★ Cross-border migration fills some skill gaps but can create tensions

★ Technology can help labor markets: Digital talent platforms improve matching between workers and jobs

★ Digitally-enabled independent work is on the rise

★ Many activities that workers carry out today have the potential to be automated

*Technology, jobs, and the future of work by James Manyika is director of the McKinsey Global Institute. Click here.


This app is not just for entertainment or some frivolous vanity activities, which by the way, it also is, but very importantly, it also serves as the platform for jobs, gigs and business opportunities. It must be noted that these entertainment and so-called vanity activities are nevertheless important as they are sexy and tend to attract users in the first place, thus making it a vibrant platform filled with eager users. Without users and a vibrant platform, whatever technology and business model available, any platform would be rendered useless.

Therefore, it should be greatly welcomed in any community that it serves.

It helps to bond people when they share interesting knowledge and information in educational terms via videos that they produce. For example, farmers may learn from each other and they can watch the videos produced by others, and thereafter even form coops with one another as facilitated by our marketplace or collaboration software. Similarly, youths can also leverage on the platform to form pop groups, learning groups, hobby groups, etc.

The virtuous cycle easily monetizes the users’ activities with points which are convertible to coins and fiat money. Doing this is not only fun and enjoyable but also profitable. Furthermore, this is driven by a gamification engine that can become very addictive and make the app and site viral while adding great fun:D for the users. Monetization for users is not limited to the usual advertising only on some popular platforms but will include an array of programs and schemes.

The gamification component may look simple to the users in the frontend but it is actually a very complex system that brings a lot of benefits to the users. Consequently, the users may receive a lot of present surprises! This adds to the great fun:D for the users’ life in the platform, and further propels it for growth of greater heights.

Gamification has a multiplier effect on monetization on the platform and vice versa.

STARSHARE.COM is a program that powers sharing and is fully integrated to the gamification component.

To create true value to the Star Ecosystem, Fintech runs on the entire platform. The online bank, the STARSBANK powered by FRIENDBANK runs operations not only limited to its routine Fintech programs and activities like payment, money changing, etc. but also like a central bank for the platform, such as issuing coins, controlling the money supply in the entire ecosystem, etc.

Gamification is only worthwhile when the points or coins the users obtain throughout their activities online are of real value. Our Fintech operations run by STARSBANK makes this possible. Moreover, Fintech is emerging as the next big thing for growth online. It an important and profitable emerging technology even for the established players.


1. Leveraging on Fintech, the STARYOU system also enables true user partnership. It brings the Virtuous Cycle into play moving it on and on and on with real value. The greater circulation of our coins by user usage creates a currency of greater value and this in turns further drive up the usage of the coins and so on.

2. Indeed, users partner with the owners of the platform with profit sharing and on a level playing field. Users include stars, and profit sharing is usually based on a 1:1:1 = User:Star:Owner basis although the ratio may vary somewhat with different usages and activities. These are points or coins being issued by the system but under certain circumstances, equity may even be issued as well.

3. Other opportunities of partnership arise easily as system will operate partly on open source, partly on blockchain and partly on a closed system. On the open source system, it allows developers to contribute with their own micro applications or apps to further popularize and spread the use of the platform.

4. The gamification program in the system is itself a method of mining for the users already. Yet another method of mining or minting coins is through the cryptocurrency way. Users will be allowed to mine coins even on their mobile app. Certain auto-pilot schemes will also be made available.

5. The platform also encourages collaboration with users on various schemes, programs and events, for example, in advertising, commercials, affiliate systems, special events, film, drama and music productions, etc. This will not interfere with other user partnerships nor be in conflict with other company users but complements and fill in the gaps while showcasing the limitless possibilities thereof.

Even greater opportunities of partnership are made available through STARSCLUB By FRIENDCLUB


1. The platform operates in a club-like atmosphere: STARSCLUB.COM. Users are friends with their stars, and not just followers and fans. Therefore, everyone is a friend, hence FRIENDCLUB.COM. This atmosphere generates a sense of great hope and camaraderie. The next star could be one of them and so we have to be just friends.

2. The culture in the FRIENDCLUB is contagious as it can go viral and be highly addictive. It is very cult like yet anyone can take the lead and form his or her own clubs or sub-clubs and groups which can have their own identities and sense of belonging in their own sub-cultures. In unity, all these groups support and strengthen the cause of FRIENDCLUB, such as in charity and voluntary work, but their own objectives can vary greatly so there is nothing dogmatic about it.

3. These groups are great partners for the platform as they bring in new ideas and create new programs that bring greater opportunities for all members. For example, one group may collaborate with another group to produce a movie through the collaboration platform in STARYOU. Partnership with STARYOU as always is open through the big wide door at STARGATEWAY!

4. The sense of camaraderie, hope and worth generates great positive energy and vibrancy that spreads throughout the entire system and beyond. This is a unique selling point or USP that enables the system to thrive in a continuous cycle that goes on and on and on in the virtuous cycle of the STARECOSYSTEM.


This app and its ecosystem serves as the default platform for international entertainment, especially for the international pop music as well as the idols and models.

It is a must come to place for idols, models and pop, collectively known as INTERNATIONAL POP OR INTERPOP, that is, international entertainment.

Users have become so adept at using their mobile phones not only to view other people’s videos but also to produce them. As such, the possibilities for its usage and its expansion in and out of the app are almost endless, and can be further extended or spin offed, for example, in Education, Fintech, Social Media, etc.

Ready To Go… Let’s Go…

The integration of a combination of different apps creates a kind of super app that enables the platform to work the way it is designed to and creates multiplier values in the process that will let it enjoy development and growth of exponential scales.



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