STARYOU.COM is created and powered by FRIENDCLUB.COM. The latter is the more social and community aspect of the project whereas the former is the Star gateway.

STARYOU is primarily created to star you, plain and simple!

That is, to make you the star. That is the main focus of our project. However, the objectives run much wider and deeper, and it effectively becomes a StarMarketplace and Services SuperMarketplace.

Now, you are hereby forewarned. After many years of disruption and dizzying heights of change that came with the advent of the Internet, we promise to disrupt your life again further with even more change. We want to change the world for you, by you and with you winning all the way… You win all the way… And, become a star…

Now… Jazz add zest! To you life and put in more energy and excitement to rejuvenate your life!

Spoiler: The front screen is a STARSECRET and looks nothing like any of the video or media apps. Similarly, for the viral effect elements.



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