More Great Ways To Monetize
Many More Ways To Share
New Ways To Make Friends

There are many things to do on STARYOU, and not just watching or producing videos.

Even the lay users or lazy watchers can do more things simply by their own usual activities online as there are embedded programs to work for them, including AIGORITHM.

There are many ways for the users to share as empowered by STARSHARE. ALL users will be rewarded accordingly and so there are more great ways for them to monetize. And, if they wish to be social, apart from having followers, they will be able to make more friends in many ways, especially friends they really want.


As STARYOU is about you being a star, it encompasses and embodies your whole life, that is Work, Love and Play. Many people now spend much of each day either watching videos or even producing them. FRIENDCLUB.COMIt is indeed their lives on these apps but it is just a passing passion without much profit except for the very top users.

We want to give the users more. Both the producers or the audience users. Their whole lives will become very meaningful after all this. Their passions for watching or producing videos will then become useful and even beneficial.


Our social features can extend from online to offline and vice versa. As the platform is powered by the FRIENDCLUB for the community, it can of course get very social as the members work hard, play hard and make friends and even have longer and more lasting and deeper relationships.

Again, all this can extend to the real lives. they can chat and play online but they can also meet in the FRIENDCAFE, FRIENDBAR, lounge or night club, etc.



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