One of the main features of STARYOU is that it enables users to collaborate with one another. Of course that includes their stars, *you and *me.

The collaboration software is called appropriately StarCollaboration. Users can collaborate in many ways. They start with the StarCollaboration to cooperate and work with other members on new projects, particularly on media and entertainment projects, producing short videos or dramas, or anything related to being a star or idol.

Moreover, they use the software to collaborate and what they cannot get here they can go to the Stars Marketplace to find and source for services or additional resources. These additional servies and resources can be free or paid for as there are other users who may advertise to exchange or collaborate as there is a classified ads as well.

The collaboration can of course extend to offline and vice versa.

  • Users [Stars] can collaborate with fans or followers.
      • Followers can help to, for example, organize mini concerts or produce dramas, cooking classes, arts and crafts classes, exhibitions, etc.


    • Sell their tickets online at the StarYou Event Channel
    • Bring more followers to their club
  • Users & Users can collaborate.
    • Form pop bands, dance groups, production team, etc.
    • Music Drama, even Film & Movie production
    • Game production
  • Collaboration is not confined to only Entertainment in music, etc. but also in other arts, e.g. writers, painters, sculptors, etc.
  • Big or Small Event organization
  • Users can partner with agencies and companies for commercial projects.
  • All Users can use the StarCollaboration App for general collaboration purposes and projects.
  • All the online tools will be available for collaboration.
  • Marketeers = Miners: We don’t leave anything to chance. Our marketeers also act as miners to mint their own points and coins. So StarYou collaborate with them to strengthen the promotion, marketing and spread the word for StarYou. They are like affiliates but more. We are partners!

  • Collaboration is not always free. Users can pay users or sponsor users in collaboration. Users can advertise on users with large influencers.



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