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The global Media & Entertainment (M&E) market reached $1.9 trillion in revenues in 2016, according to the 2016- 2020 Entertainment & Media Outlook by PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC), and is expected to expand by nearly five percent to reach just under $2 trillion in 2017. In 2016, China ($190 billion) became the second largest market after the United States ($712 billion), followed by Japan ($157 billion), Germany ($97 billion) and the United Kingdom ($96 billion). France came in sixth, at $69.3 billion (2016). In contrast, the six largest Latin American M&E markets grew to $96 billion combined in 2016. 

There are a lot of growth opportunities in China and it will skyrocket in the coming years, especially when the media and entertainment is integrated to the Internet with the rise and the country’s lead in 5G usage, etc. The Asian entertainment industry ex China (specifically Indonesia, India, South Korea, Philippines, Japan and Thailand) are the main geographic drivers to the growth.

The size of the media and entertainment industry worldwide. It is set to grow with the further rise of China, South East Asia, Indonesia, India, Africa, the US, Latin America and other parts of the world.

News Update [September 2019]: TikTok owner Bytedance is now the world’s most valuable startup being valued at $78 Billion. It booked a revenue of $7 to 8.4 billion in a better-than-expected result for the first half of the year.

KUAISHOU: China Video App Seeks Funds at $25 billion Value Before IPO.





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