Well, we are here to unify the world of entertainment and media. On Pop alone, we will spinoff the International Pop or INTERPOP to be the new genre of pop.

So KPop, etc. will now be part of INTERPOP. We will integrate and unify more, and it all starts with the StarYou platform.


FRIENDCLUB.COMThe main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to everyone and always smile. Refreshingly… 


Anyone can be a star today as evidenced by the influencers in the various social media, from Tik Tok [Douyin] to Youtube, Facebook to Instagram, Weibo to WeChat [Weixin], etc. However, there is still no one platform to make the ordinary users rise to true stardom on their own, just like they sell in Alibaba, etc.


In spite of the availability of new platforms, like Netflix, etc., they are basically new ways on the Internet to host the old school formats. There is nothing much else except to watch and watch and it is not interactive nor of any much use. Yes, there are the live streaming and that does make some difference. There are the floating or live reviews and comments, etc. but after all that, that’s it.

This platform and its ecosystem will serve as the default platform at least for the international pop music as well as the idols and models.

It is a must come to place for idols, models and pop, collectively known as INTERNATIONAL POP OR INTERPOP, that is, international entertainment. 

We want *YOU to reach out far and wide and the repercussions should continue and create waves all along the way. Users who become stars will become better stars and more easily, so with greater access to the services built in in STARYOU!

The entertainment industry remains very old school in this regard. But STARYOU will change all that. The time for change is long overdue. People, get ready… Go!

If You Have It, You Can Make Anything Look Good



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