FRIENDCLUB.COMSometimes a video or a user profile can have a treasure chest icon. Or it can appear at random anywhere. Look out for it! You can benefit greatly when you follow the notifications or guides and win lotsa of coins and gifts!

There are many creative ways for gamification. MORE… IT’S SECRET! Note: The rewards ratio for different user types can change in different activities and circumstances.

Gifts, loyalty and gamifications can be used for challenges where the users get the rewards for activities such as video challenges. These rewards can be given in terms of points that are convertible or redeemed as gifts or coins.


Daily Easy To Win Bite Sized Games With Surprizes
  • Users can have tons of fun with rewards, points, etc. This is a key feature in the StarYou App. 
  • Users gain points with their activities on the app
    and these points can be converted into coins and
    fiat money
  • Users will be served with frequent notifications of opportunities and rewards
  • New users are given free points to start up
  • Some activities need to be paid, e.g. contest votes need to be paid with points. Users can donate to charity or transfer to a fellow user, etc. 
  • Rewards Ratio: 1 : 1 : 1 User:Star: Platform Owner Subject To Change On Different Activities
  • Mystery Presents: Get mystery coinsFRIENDGAME.COM
  • Coins & Points can be traded, auctioned, exchanged, etc. It is a business and industry in itself
  • Users will be given opportunity to mint their own coins as well, like in coin mining
  • There are also treasure hunts throughout the app or site. Lookout for treasure chest icons in users, etc.


  • Leaderboard like in Games
  • Winners win even more points. Winner of the day or top in the leaderboard will win extra points
  • Likes are converted into points
  • Users can also lose points. For example, if a user has not logged in or used the app for a period of time he or she can lose points. Loans will be repaid with interests
  • Exchange and various transactions are done at the Bank
  • Redeem points for gifts, coins, etc. 
  • Users can earn points in many ways. Other than above: PlayJackpot, FortuneWheel, ScratchCard, Shake Phone, etc.
  • Users who lost all the points can still use the app or site but cannot participate in certain activities
  • Star WinFall is money dropped down from heaven
  • Users’ works will be rated and given points. Sometimes bonus points are given for special occasions and events, for example, on Friend Day, users get extra points
  • Online & Offline Contests are also part of the gamification plan
  • There is elements of presently surprise, mystery, crazy, shock, happiness, etc. in gamification scheme
  • Gamification is incentive and encouragement for users to be loyal and to work for the platform




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