STARYOU Powered by FRIENDCLUB will have its own identity and culture. Members can form sub clubs called groups and have their own individual identities with co branding. It’s cult! Among other things, the club will have its own

  • Emblem
  • Flag 
  • Idols
  • Fashion
  • Gift 
  • Style
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Creed
  • Song
  • Religion
  • Charity
  • Art & Culture
  • Brand
  • Products: Phone, etc.
  • Cards Online & Offline

Rub on the star and love beckons… May the power be with you.

Objective: To solidify our community. Create a greater sense of camaraderie. The club is a cult like and addictive club for members. It has its own identity, culture, subculture, etc. It has its own fashion, jewelry, etc. 

Rub on the star and love beckons… May the Star Blessings shower you great fortune. 



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